Healtcare Division

We provide Clinical Engineering, Management and Consulting services for the technological heritage of Healthcare Authorities.

In particular:

  • Technical census and economic enhancement of the technological heritage;
  • Preventive, corrective and extraordinary maintenance of electro-medical equipment;
  • “Full-Risk” assistance contracts;
  • Computerized management of the equipment inventory;
  • Drafting of Instrument Renewal Plans;
  • Computerized Management of Radiology Services (RIS-PACS);
  • Analysis and re-engineering of the hospital medical waste collection process;
  • Decontamination of operating rooms and clean rooms with hydrogen peroxide;
  • Classification and requalification of operating rooms according to EN UNI 14644;
  • Maintenance of Clean Room Air Treatment Systems.

Our certifications

We are constantly striving to ensure that the quality of our work and processes is recognised and certified. Below is a list of the certifications achieved and currently underway: